Road Less Traveled

a feature documentary by James Beatty


After learning to live to the fullest from their father, James & Steven take on the adventure of a lifetime as they ride motorcycles off-road across the Trans-America Trail!

Nearly 5,000 miles of dirt will show them the most amazing vistas in the country as they ramble across 10 states to the Pacific coastline of Oregon. Their mettle will be tested with crashes, injuries, getting lost in the wilderness and mechanical breakdowns. When their luck runs out, strangers with enormous character will come to their rescue.

Beyond these challenges, Road Less Traveled is a revelation of the conflict and connection between two brothers and their father.



RLT Update

published on January 12, 2011

Yes RLT is still in the works and so close to being finished I can taste it! It’s been a while since I’ve caught everyone up on the haps… so I’ll try my best to do that but not write a book. Last I wrote we had our 2nd screening with complete strangers who saw […]

RLT Update

published on August 7, 2010

Hello One & All, Last night was pretty big. We had our 2nd screening of Road Less Traveled. With a running time at 1hr43min, we held our 2nd screening in front of 13 strangers who didn’t know me or my story. We needed to have the screening last night in order to stay on schedule. […]

RLT Update

published on June 7, 2010

Hello everyone! So as of the last update I said we’d most likely have Picture Lock by now. Well, we’re not quite there yet. But very close! This last week, my editor, Dan, was pulled off of RLT to work on a Western that he’s also editing with a director who flew in from Germany. […]