Chris Rankin


Chris is a marketing and management professional with a background in writing, film and television. He started his professional career in video production and went on to work in radio, television, film and publishing and is currently pursuing his MBA at Xavier University in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. Chris has stayed connected to the entertainment industry through the years by taking on projects such as Road Less Traveled. In addition to RLT and grad school, Chris works for a custom renovation company, provides marketing and management support for small businesses, and is the agent of singer/songwriter Andre Villoch, a popular, folk-based singer from Traverse City, MI.

When asked if he'd be interested in joining the RLT project by his long time friend and college roommate, James Beatty, Chris jumped at the opportunity. He was so eager to join RLT that he was prepared to quit his day job as a Marketing Product Manager in Boston. Instead, his boss granted him a leave of absence to allow Chris the opportunity to follow his passion! Although Chris doesn't ride himself, he contributed his unique skill set as a Producer, writer, and traveling companion. He expected to help coordinate and budget the adventure, manage the crew and drive the chase vehicle. But Chris became an integral part of the team bringing his integrity, sense of humor, organization, problem solving capability and as a voice of reason when needed. Chris also managed much of the logistics of the journey, contributed significantly to the team's daily blog, set up interviews with the locals, and documented the adventure through still photos. He has remained an important part of the film's progress since joining the team. Chris has often said that this adventure was the greatest experience of his life and that he'd do it again in a second:

"The Road Less Traveled was an exciting and amazing personal experience for me. By traveling through a part of the country most Americans will never have an opportunity to see, and experiencing, even if briefly, the heartbeat of this great land, I found new vigor and purpose in my own life. As Billy Crystal so aptly put it in City Slickers, 'I found my smile.' The beautiful and majestic landscape we immersed ourselves in day after day, the incredible and historical destinations we experienced, and the people we met, served as a perfect backdrop for an equally compelling story about family, life, death and the inherent love that flows through humanity along the Road Less Traveled." - Chris Rankin