RLT Update

published on August 7, 2010

Hello One & All,

Last night was pretty big. We had our 2nd screening of Road Less Traveled.

With a running time at 1hr43min, we held our 2nd screening in front of 13 strangers who didn’t know me or my story. We needed to have the screening last night in order to stay on schedule. But there was so much to get done we couldn’t reserve a screening room until we knew without a doubt that we’d be ready. That means I only had 1 day to gather up an audience of people who don’t know me! How do I do that? I turned to all my friends and asked them to invite people outside of my circle with the caveat that my friends couldn’t come! There are two reasons for that. 1. I didn’t want any favoritism in this screening. 2. First impressions mean so much and I’m keeping my friends and loved ones from seeing RLT until it’s finished to give them the best experience.

I have to give an enormous amount of thanks to John Ravera! John deserves so much thanks is because he was responsible for 11 of the 13 people that showed up! That’s huge! THANK YOU JOHN! The majority of the audience was into motorcycling in one form or another. So this was a screening with the target audience, which I have to keep in mind.

Afterwards, questionnaires were handed out with the first questions being: “How many stars would you give Road Less Traveled? 1 – 5.” With 13 audience members, there were 65 stars up for grabs. I got 57 out of 65 stars, which gives RLT a 78% rating. Now for those of you who don’t know about rottentomatoes.com, go check it out and see how few movies get a 78% rating or above. It’s very hard to make a good movie.

Sure the majority of people fell into the target audience, but you also have to consider the final recordings for all of my lines and narration have yet to be done professionally with the focus on performance instead of just timing as it’s set right now. I’m also missing music: the subconscious storyteller. Sound Design has yet to be done which will make the radio conversations sound genuine instead of staged. Special Effects and animations still have to be done, and although that’s only gloss or icing on the cake for the real story, it all adds up.

Next Wednesday I step into the Foley Stage to start recording my lines and I’ve got a lot of great feedback on how to improve that from this last screening. My Sound Designer has hired a Foley Team which will go out ot many different places and record sounds of birds, wind, crickets, footsteps, water and more which will all make the movie feel alive. I’m currently tearing still photo’s apart into quasi 3-D images with my buddy Kevin Greene. My animation team has nailed down the look of the maps and are hard at work making the 16 different animated maps. I meet with my composer tomorrow to work more on the music.

It’s all moving fast and it’s hard to imagine 4 years of work coming together so quickly in the end.