RLT Update

published on June 7, 2010

Hello everyone!

So as of the last update I said we’d most likely have Picture Lock by now. Well, we’re not quite there yet. But very close!

This last week, my editor, Dan, was pulled off of RLT to work on a Western that he’s also editing with a director who flew in from Germany. I have about 4 pages of notes regarding the edit that I want to go over with him as he’s been a priceless sounding board. I believe there’s another 5 minutes we can cut out of the film to shed some extra weight slowing the story down.

There’s also a metaphor my father taught me about riding a motorcycle off-road and how it ties into life in general which I’m in the process of working into the end of the film. Theresa, my co-screenwriter, has helped me out with it and I’ve just got to send her another revision to get her thoughts… then I can lay it down onto the edit.

Outside of that, great progress has been made!

This last week we prepped the audio tracks for ADR (Automated dialogue replacement) sessions with Michael Murray and Mathew Rudenburg. This means we put Michael and Mathew into a sound booth to re-record lines that were unclear or destroyed by wind noise and many other factors during the shooting of the film.

Before the recordings, Michael and I screened RLT on a big screen at Chapman University. It was the first time I’ve seen it on a big screen, and it almost made me cry during certain emotional moments of the film. Otherwise, it just made me grateful that so much is coming together and reminded me of all the work still needs to be done.

The ADR sessions were fantastic! Michael flew in from Boulder, Colorado to record 12 pages of lines and Mathew carved time out of his busy shooting schedule to drive an hour out of his way just to record 7 important lines.

When the recording started, we had to record lines the normal way (speaking into a mic) and also an unusual way: speaking through a radio into a mic. The Chatterbox company lent us two helmet radios for free for these recording sessions.

Since many of the lines were recorded to replace radio chatter as we were riding off-road on our motorcycles: Michael had to do jumping jacks while wearing a helmet (voices sound different when a helmet covers someone’s mouth) to get his heart rate up, his breath heavy and feel the energy of what we experienced. This was very amusing for people taking a tour of the recording studio who saw a man wearing a helmet and jumping up and down in front of a microphone. On one occasion, he was even curling the studio chair while doing squats to build up his energy! Michael really gave his all and we got great results from both him and Mathew.

All of these lines were previously recorded in my voice to time the edit of the film… but it was very confusing hearing my voice for everyone’s voice. We still have to get Steven and myself into the Sound booth. However, this is a huge step forward. I owe a lot of thanks to Sean Oakley, a great sound designer who made the recording sessions fly by.

Attached are some pictures of Sean and I, and Mathew and Michael during the recordings.

Long update, but I hope you enjoy reading what’s going on.