Steven Beatty

I was born and raised in St. Louis MO. Motorcycles have always a part of my life. Few things in life compare to the thrill I get from throwing a leg over a bike and taking off. I'm somewhat of an obsessed fan of both supercross and motocross. As a child, I was often racing through the neighborhood on my bicycle pretending to be one of my dirt bike heroes.

My other great love in life is the martial arts. I currently teach Chinese Kenpo at Tracy's Karate in Kirkwood, MO where I have achieved my second degree black belt. Teaching my students is the most important and gratifying part of my life. I hope to continue instructing for a very long time to come.

When my brother approached me with the idea of riding across the country while making this film, I was immediately excited. As a boy, I often dreamed of going on an epic motorcycle trip with my father and brother. This adventure would be the epic ride I was dreaming of!

Filming RLT allowed me to see this great country in so many new ways. I will always be able to look back on this trip with pride and love. Having my brother there with me made it more special than I can say. He is a great leader and friend. We completed a unique and sometimes extreme adventure that brought both of us closer to our father. I hope you all enjoy Road Less Traveled and that it inspires you to go live out your own adventures. As my grandfather often said, "There are so many things to do out there. Why not go do them?"

-Steven Beatty