Todd Levin

Executive Producer

Todd Levin is first and foremost an enlightened entrepreneur. He founded Todd's Treats; a Los Angeles based organic and kosher certified processor of snack food that grew to become a force within a traditionally competitive industry. He is an expert in the development and marketing of consumer product goods and has developed dozens of products and works with major retailers to create innovative goods and services.

Todd has always had the welfare of others as one of his primary concerns; indeed, he has that rare gift of actively working to bring out the best in those around him. Another gift is his penchant for never asking someone to do something he could not do himself. Thus he is a master of the multi-skilled operations needed to build, expand and run a business from the ground up, while assembling around him a close knit team that thrives on his relational leadership.

But it is not all work and no play for Todd. When not at the helm of business affairs, he is most likely to be found working at the family home in Southern California building something with his hands. It could be a small box racing car for one of his three children or remodeling the kitchen for his wife. A devoted family man and caring businessman, Todd has a passion for building things, including enduring relationships with those privileged to know him.